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Reading about cars, repairs and buying and selling them can generate some very unusual questions.Here is an example of a recent posting made to the carfix_online mailing list.

A list member writes:
I was wondering if there is any device, devices, even tying a tire onto the front of my current car to avoid the bumper being smashed in if I hit someone from behind again. . I assure you this is NOT a joke question or one meant for laughs.I am very serious about this. It was terrible having 4 at fault accidents in one year and in each case my bumper (on the LeSabre) was totally destroyed. I will try to drive more carefully but besides that is there anything I can put on the the front of the bumper to help myself from smashing it in? This is a sincere request.

Another member replies:
A cattle guard may do the trick. Farmers and ranchers use them to help
nudge along stubborn 2000 pound's made of steel, and covers the
entire front end of your vehicle.

Here's another great list that demonstrates how friggin' cool the Internet can be. Carfix Online is for anyone interested in repairing their own vehicles--a task for the truly courageous indeed. Here you can post questions on repairs of any type, and other users can respond with helpful tips, timesaving ideas, and the occasional dire warning to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STAY AWAY FROM THAT TRANSMISSION CASING!

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